Corinthia London launches Velvet with acclaimed bartender and drinks expert Salvatore Calabrese, aka “The Maestro”, with new interiors by David Collins Studio. 

Under Calabrese and experienced bar manager Christian Maspes, Velvet will bring back the theatre to cocktail-making, delighting guests with craft and passion in what Calabrese terms “the music of the shake”. 

“Corinthia London is such a glamorous hotel, and it deserves a sensational new bar,” enthused Calabrese. “We want to celebrate the magic and theatre of hospitality, with a cocktail list of sophisticated classics, that have stood the test of time, alongside modern drinks which are now well-established in the 2020s. Velvet will be a seductive, intimate bar that we know will become one of the most desirable destinations in London.”

The cocktails will balance references to a bygone era with a modern approach to mixology, and subtle, personal twists from Calabrese. A selection of his much-loved creations will feature, such as the Breakfast Martini and Spicy Fifty, alongside a range of non-alcoholic options and a menu of small plates.

“We are delighted to showcase our new bar Velvet, which will celebrate ‘joie de vivre’, with a subtle nod to the golden age of cocktails but with a modern approach as well. Concealed behind rich, velvet curtains will be an elegant and thoughtfully designed setting for guests to meet and have fun, and where the lost art of cocktail making will be beautifully reimagined,” commented Thomas Kochs, Managing Director of Corinthia London.

Velvet will take the place of Corinthia London’s former bar Bassoon, with reimagined interiors by prestigious designers David Collins Studio. Furniture upholstered in shades of red and royal blue, and deep velvet curtains will provide a glamorous feel, alongside convex mirrors, and lavish lighting, as well as commissioned artwork by Robson Stannard positioned either side of a central marble fireplace and throughout the bar.  Both the design and the incorporation of a performance space for live music will evoke the exciting style of the early 20th century.

Simon Rawlings, Creative Director at David Collins Studio, said: “For me, Velvet will capture the essence of a mood - the spirit of intimacy, extravagance, and secluded indulgence. It's about a feeling, the discreet excitement through the pleasure of music and cocktails."

Velvet will complement the other prestigious food and drink venues at Corinthia London, including The Garden, Kerridge’s Bar & Grill and The Northall Restaurant & Bar, and will confirm the hotel as a key player in the London dining and drinking scene.