A luxury tented resort as unique as nature itself, Naviva, A Four Seasons Resort, Punta Mita, Mexico is now welcoming guests to a world where the deep, green jungle is the backdrop for a profoundly personalised retreat.

With just 15 luxury tents surrounded by 48 forested acres (19 hectares) on the edge of a private peninsula, Naviva is an adult-only sanctuary that harnesses nature to create an environment that fosters community, personal growth and appreciation for local heritage. Naviva awakens the intrinsic bond that humans have with nature through biophilic design – an architectural approach that immerses people in their natural surroundings. The transformative journey begins as soon as guests arrive, meeting their personal guide on a cocoon-inspired bamboo bridge overlooking a dramatic forest ravine.

“Naviva builds on the success of our more than 20 years in Punta Mita, reinforcing everything that our guests love about this idyllic destination while offering an entirely new experience,” says Rainer Stampfer, Four Seasons President, Global Operations, Hotels and Resorts. “This exceptional project is a testament to our dedication to innovating the guest experience and creating unique concepts within our portfolio that meet guest needs in meaningful, personalised ways.”

Biophilic Design: Living in Nature
Through the lens of biophilic design and biomimicry – in which the natural world is the driving influence for design solutions – the natural beauty of Mexico was the key source of inspiration when Naviva was conceptualised with Luxury Frontiers, an award-winning design firm and pioneer in the alternative lodging sector. All building forms, interior designs, and guest experiences tie back to a natural phenomenon, creating a resort concept that is fully derived from nature.

Naviva blurs the border between the natural and manmade worlds with 15 luxury tents that are designed to be at one with the surrounding jungle. Spacious indoor and outdoor areas invite the verdant sights and sounds of Riviera Nayarit’s unique flora and fauna. An open-air living room and separate bedroom flow to a private plunge pool and expansive outdoor living area, where a hammock, firepit and outdoor shower offer forest-framed refuge. Inside, textures and fabrics reflect natural patterns found in the environment. Oversized bathrooms house deep soaking tubs and skylit showers that reveal uninterrupted visual connections to the outdoors.

The team collaborated with Mexican artists, craftspeople, and manufacturers throughout the design and construction process, not only to support local businesses but also to create spaces with an authentic connection to Mexico’s culture. Highlights include custom furniture from Taracea and Baufaktory; artwork from Emma Boomkamp; reclaimed wooden games from Rasttro; and textiles from Anora Casa.

Life at Naviva: Daily, Signature and Unscripted Experiences
Naviva’s untamed natural setting organically sets the stage for individual transformation through Daily, Signature and Unscripted Naviva experiences that are each rooted in one or more biophilic design principles.

Daily Naviva experiences focus on movement, gastronomy and cultural insight. Guests may embark on a nature hike to the Aztatlán ruins, savour the ocean’s natural bounty during a “seacuterie” tasting or learn about Aztec culture at a Metztli mythology session.

Signature Naviva experiences bring heritage, tradition and local expertise to the forefront while rooting guests in the natural environment. Guests may challenge their mind and body in the House of Heat, a temazcal designed specifically for Naviva; catch fresh snapper along the Resort’s rocky shoreline; or visit a local artist at their private home and studio.

Nurturing the Mind, Body and Soul
Naviva features a series of intimate wellness spaces including two spa pods tucked away in the forest, a House of Heat temazcal, a cliffside terrace, an open-air gym and nature trails. Each area promotes human connection to nature by grounding guests in tangible and intangible aspects of the environment.

Guests are welcomed directly into their private spa pod to fully use the space how they wish. Inspired by the seed of the local Ceiba tree, each cocoon-like spa structure offers a sense of safety that invites shifts in internal energy. Between transformative spa rituals, guests can spend time in each spa pod’s personal garden, outdoor shower or timber soaking tub.

The House of Heat invites guests on a personalised temazcal journey guided by a dedicated curandero to produce a mind-body awakening. Guests can choose from several focus areas, such as gratitude or devotion, to drive their customised experience. The House of Heat includes a ceremonial fire pit with seating inspired by traditional Mayan stools, a pre- and post-ceremony gathering space and an outdoor shower area.

Naviva guests will also discover wellbeing experiences rooted in the environment at Risco Terrace, where yoga practices include powerful vinyasas and restorative flows, and the outdoor Mar Gym overlooking the Pacific, where strength training workouts incorporate existing formations such as boulders and trees. Guests can find rest and rejuvenation at the Resort’s Selva Pool nestled in the jungle or at La Solana Beach, a private 575-foot (175-metre) expanse of Pacific beachfront.

Honouring Nature Through Sustainability
Naviva’s authentic connection to nature is rooted in its thoughtful conception, which began with the rehabilitation of the land on which it now resides. The development team carefully surveyed the land to build around existing trees and preserve the peninsula’s lush vegetation, hand-placing tents into the existing environment to minimise disruption to the surrounding forest. Select trees were relocated or salvaged for hand-carved timber hooks placed in each luxury tent, and natural stone found on site was repurposed for benches. The team also took significant measures to protect animal life by creating new paths that mimic the colours of soil and rocks and using specific lighting types to limit light pollution.

Throughout the property, the design team utilised light-on-earth, low-impact construction materials such as reclaimed wood, local stone, copper, bamboo and concrete. In addition, natural ventilation made possible by the region’s prevailing winds limits air conditioning to only the most essential spaces.

As an advocate for sustainable water sourcing, Naviva partnered with SOURCE Water to bottle all drinking water onsite using hydropanel technology that extracts clean, pollutant-free water from the air.

A Retreat Close to Home
All-encompassing Naviva stays start at USD 3,950 per night and include all meals, snacks and drinks including speciality meals prepared to enjoy throughout the property, one 60-minute spa treatment per guest, daily practices and rituals, and Unscripted Naviva experiences. Signature Naviva experiences, rare or custom-ordered beverages, additional spa treatments, private classes or training and airport transfers are available for an additional cost.

Naviva guests also enjoy full access to the adjacent Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, located five minutes away. The Resort features ten restaurants and bars, two golf courses, three pools, two beaches and additional spa and fitness facilities.